Recipe: Quarantine Chocolate Chip Cookies


I haven’t posted on here as much as I’d like (2020), but I’m excited to share my first recipe. If you have a sweet tooth like me, then you understand the value of a good chocolate chip cookie.

Up until about 6 months ago, I didn’t have a chocolate chip cookie recipe in my arsenal, until I discovered this gem from Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi.

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The key here is to get your butter to room temperature, then put it in the fridge for 15 minutes before you start. This makes creaming the butter with the sugars easy and it sets up a nice base for your dough.

And the milk powder is optional, but I highly recommend it.



Preheat the oven at 350° and get a sheet pan ready. You're going to freeze these cookies for later, but you might as well make a couple now.

Mix together all the dry ingredients (flour, milk powder, salt, baking soda/powder) in a bowl and set aside.

In another, larger bowl, take a spatula or egg-beater-like tool and whip the butter and sugars until they form a homogeneous mix. In a small cup, beat the egg with the vanilla, then add to the buttery sugar mix and stir.

Slowly mix the dry stuff into the wet stuff until you have a dough with no floury parts visible. Add the chips and nuts and mix together.

At this point you're ready to form the cookies. Using an ice cream scoop, or your hands, form golf ball-sized balls. Put the first two cookies on the sheet pan for immediate baking, the rest in a freezer bag and freeze.

Bake for 16-18 minutes, then take the cookies out to cool and rest for at least 30 minutes (unless you want warm, gooey chocolate chips). These cookies go great with a bowl of Scooter's vanilla frozen custard (if you live in Chicago).

His and hers

Hope you enjoy these cookies as much as I do. Stay tuned for more recipes coming soon!